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The Youth & Young Adults of the Florida East Coast Diocese is part of an International Movement, (commonly known as YAA) within our church that exists to mobilize and equip others through strategic programs and seasoned tools for them to live for Christ everywhere, make Him known to the world by employing a maze of evangelistic strategies, and positively impact Church and Society.

The Ministry carries out evangelism, i.e., preaches, witnesses and wins souls; encourages the youth to participate fully in the programs and activities of the Church and further exposes them to the various ministries within the Church, that they may become the leaders of the Generation Next.

It affords everyone the full opportunity to plan and organize program and activities for evangelism in schools, colleges and the tertiary institutions, and encourages them to develop their gifts and qualities of leadership, plan and organize programs

and activities that meet the peculiar needs and aspirations of the youth as well as carrying out other specialized Youth-related ministries. Not only are our Youth & Young Adults being mentored to lead the church, but also society. Making leaders at a local business, political office and the like near you.

Our Youth & Young Adults Department (ages 18-40) are here to help build character to render aid to the home, community...

and the world.

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